Cave Clan: Underground Artists Series 1 Ep 4

‘Big Ears’ is the alter-ego of one of Australias leading experimental musicians. ‘Big Ears’ began playing his handmade instruments in abandoned buildings but his pursuit of new sounds eventually lead him underground.

Source: Cave Clan: Underground Artists – Series 1 Ep 4 : ABC iview


Music on a Long Thin Wire by Alvin Lucier (1977) – SOCKS

Music On A Long Thin Wire” is a sound and installation piece conceived in 1977 and repeatedly staged thereafter. A single piano wire (originally three- to four-foot-long, then lenghtened over the course of other performances) is stretched between bridges at either end. Both ends of the wire are connected to an amplifier, driving the wire with a sine wave oscillator. A horseshoe magnet is placed around the wire. When the wire is electrified, its current interacts with the magnetic field and the vibrations are picked up by microphones connected to the bridges. The resulting sound is controlled by a performer who control the sine wave oscillator inducing sonic phenomena as “nodal shifts, echo trains, noisy overdrivings”.

Source: Music on a Long Thin Wire by Alvin Lucier (1977) – SOCKS

All Girl Electronic Pilot (2016)

The All Girl Electronic 8-week pilot program was produced by I.C.E. in partnership with MusicNSW. The program is an answer to the call for gender and cultural diversity within the areas of electronic music production and programming, working with an all-female team of facilitators and mentors.

This video features music produced by participants of the 2016 pilot program.

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